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Driving Theory North Wales

One-to-one and group

lessons available

Face-to-face or Online

Lessons suitable for all road users:





Full licence holders

Cathy Jackson, trainer, North Wales


I have been training since 2005, with experience in both public and private sectors.  My first business, Easy PC Tuition, was established in 2014 and I have been happily self-employed since.

My husband is a driving instructor (also self-employed) and we often discuss the merits of revising the theory separately to taking practical driving lessons.  Whilst teaching the theory side as well as the practical whilst in the car is effective, it's


often the case that having some time set aside specifically for theory revision is the best way to make sure there is time to really understand everything.

So I thought I'd better get on with it!  Early in 2020 I contacted the DVSA to ensure I can comply with any relevant guidelines for theory training.  Most of the people I had told about the idea of theory training agreed that it's a good idea.  So Driving Theory North Wales is here!

Warning - Tunnel Ahead, UK road sign
Warning - bends ahead, UK road sign
Negative order - no overtaking, UK road sign
Warning - 10% incline ahead, UK road sign
Warning - traffic lights ahead, UK road sign

Driving for Life

The good news is that, while you have to be 17 or over to take driving lessons and tests, there's no set age for getting ahead.  If you're under 17 but want a head start, that's great - let's talk!


Once you have passed your test, it's important to keep up with theory and changes to the Highway Code.  This is updated every few years and is available as a slimline book at a very reasonable price (see this Amazon link).  An hour's refresher might be all you need to stay on track with any new additions or changes, every year or so, but it will be time well spent.

Refresher sessions

If you've been driving for years and want to make sure you're up to date, or perhaps you've had a break from driving and want a refresher, there's no official re-sit required.


Download a copy of my theory checklist to see what's covered on the theory test.  Even if you don't have to take the test, it's useful to see what's currently in the Highway Code.  It will give you a good idea of what's changed over time, and which areas, if any, you need to learn more about.  It will help you feel more confident about driving again.

The checklist is available as a Kindle eBook, on Google Books here for £4.99.  If you'd prefer a printed copy, please get in touch (postage is currently £0.80).

I can provide face-to-face or online lessons, so arranging an hour's revision session is easy, even if we're not in the same area.