Booking and taking your test

Some quick facts about your driving licence:

  • You can apply for your provisional licence just before your 17th birthday

  • If you have your licence and are 17 or over, you can book your theory test

  • You can get points on a provisional licence

  • Once you've passed your theory test, you have 2 years to take and pass your practical test

  • Once you have passed your practical test, your licence has to be updated every 10 years, with a new photo

Driver behind wheel, freedom of driving
Shaking hands - congratulations - passed your UK driving test

Some quick facts about the theory test:

  • There are two parts to the test: multiple-choice questions and "hazard perception" videos

  • The multiple choice questions are presented on a touch screen

  • There are 1,000 questions available.  You have to answer 50, and the computer chooses them at random

  • The videos show car journeys, requiring you click whenever you see a potential hazard come into view

You can try some mock tests on the DVSA website - see button below.

Some quick facts about the practical test:

  • The first part of the practical test is actually to do with your eyesight.  If you cannot read a car number plate from approx. 20m away (whether you're wearing your glasses or not!), you will not be allowed to take the rest of the test, and you will lose your test fee

  • During the test you will be expected to complete one or more manoeuvres (such as parking)

  • You will also be expected to drive to a specified location (such as a supermarket or a local town) with no directions given, using your own local knowledge and/or road signs

  • You may also be expected to drive for a short period following a Sat Nav system, if one is available

  • If you pass your test in a manual car, you are then allowed to drive both manual and automatic cars

  • If you pass your test in an automatic car, you are only allowed to drive an automatic car.  You must pass the test again in a manual car before you are allowed to drive a manual car by yourself

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