Driving videos

Driving Theory North Wales car journey videos coming soon

Here I'll be adding video clips of car journeys, both in my local area (LL18 / LL19 postcodes) and further afield.

These will have a mixture of live commentary, recorded commentary and added on-screen pointers explaining what's happening on the journeys, especially looking at potential dangers.

During the theory test, you are expected to complete an exercise pointing out dangers (the Hazard Perception test) and I am hopeful these videos will help with this.

They will be clips of real life situations, which will hopefully help you to assess the roads you travel on more easily, whether you are in the driving seat or not.

Extra resources

Warning - Tunnel Ahead, UK road sign
Warning - bends ahead, UK road sign
Negative order - no overtaking, UK road sign
Warning - 10% incline ahead, UK road sign
Warning - traffic lights ahead, UK road sign

I now have a checklist available, listing the topics that you need to know about before taking the theory test.  This can be downloaded from:

Google Play Books

Kindle Books

but if you would prefer a printed copy, please click here to contact me (postage currently £0.80).